Ai o idee de afaceri? Cere parerea si specialistilor despre ea

Vorba “Ideas,  a dime a dozen” in romana suna cam asa: Ideile au valoare mica. Implementarea lor e de nepretuit. Sau cu alte cuvinte. Idei au multe persoane. Putini sunt cei care sunt in stare sa le si implementeze.

Astfel de la Springwise, de aici, aflu de un business din Viena, unde consultantii isi spun parerea despre ideea ta, pentru 99$. Sa stii daca mai o tii in cap sau renunti la ea.

Spor la implementat!

Site-ul biz-ului

Finding quality feedback and advice on the feasibility of their ideas has always been a challenge for entrepreneurs. Traditional consulting firms remain out of reach, while free advice from friends and family can lack true objectivity. Hoping to fill this gap, Austrian offers quick, professional advice on new business ideas.

The company employs a team of consultants who will assess an idea within 24 hours as part of a USD 99 ‘Quick Check’. Potential clients fill out a contact form and they are then contacted for a detailed discussion of the idea in question. At this point, they may request to focus on a particular area, such as design or competitors. The service — which is available in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish — promises to evaluate each aspect of a business plan, from the strengths, weaknesses and risk factors associated with the concept to the accuracy of financial calculations. A ‘Close Look’ option is also available clients who seek more comprehensive analysis of their plans.

The main challenge for is to prove that its advice is valid. For example by including client testimonials and offering more information about its consultants. And how about publishing a sample analysis? In order to succeed, it will also need to be able to reassure potential clients that it won’t ‘steal’ their ideas. That said, there’s definitely a market for professional advice with reasonable and transparent pricing.

Spotted by Marc Zafiriadis

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